4.8. Miscellaneous

Topics covered in this section include:

Section 4.8.1 Authoring / Documentation
Section 4.8.2 Linux Advocacy / Getting (and Staying) Involved
Section 4.8.3 Hobbies and Special Interests

4.8.1. Authoring / Documentation

  • DocBook-Demystification-HOWTO, DocBook Demystification HOWTO

    Updated: Sep 2010. Attempts to clear the fog and mystery surrounding the DocBook markup system and the tools that go with it.

  • DocBook-Install, DocBook Install mini-HOWTO

    Updated: Feb 2002. A detailed practical guide for novices to quickly getting DocBook installed and processing SGML files into HTML, PostScript and PDF on a GNU/Linux system.

  • DocBook-OpenJade-SGML-XML-HOWTO, DocBook XML/SGML Processing Using OpenJade

    Updated: Jul 2003. Explains setting up OpenJade to process SGML/XML DocBook documents.


    Lists the tools, procedures, and hints to get LDP authors up to speed and writing.

    Replaced by the LDP Author Guide.

  • Howtos-with-LinuxDoc, Howtos-with-LinuxDoc mini-HOWTO

    Updated: Nov 2007. This is about how to write HOWTOs using the simple LinuxDoc markup. It's primarily for Linux Documentation Project authors (and future fledging authors who want to get started fast). If you want to use the more advanced DocBook markup (including XML) see the LDP Author Guide.

  • LDP-Reviewer-HOWTO, Linux Documentation Project Reviewer HOWTO

    Updated: May 2004. This document will help you review LDP documentation. It includes procedures, tips and techniques to make the process easier.

  • LinuxDoc+Emacs+Ispell-HOWTO, LinuxDoc+Emacs+Ispell HOWTO

    Updated: Feb 1998. Aimed at writers and translators of Linux HOWTOs or any other paper for the Linux Documentation Project. Gives hints at using tools including Emacs and Ispell.

  • Linuxdoc-Reference, Linuxdoc Reference - An Introduction to the linuxdoc DTD

    Updated: Jan 2000. Intended to be a reference for the SGML document type definition linuxdoc.

  • Man-Page, Linux Man Page HOWTO

    Updated: Sep 2002. Explains what you should bear in mind when you are going to write on-line documentation -- a so called man page -- that you want to make accessible via the man(1) command.

  • WikiText-HOWTO, LDP WikiText Editing HOWTO

    Updated: Jan 2002. Explains how to use the LDP WikiText editing format to create DocBook documents for the LDP.

4.8.2. Linux Advocacy / Getting (and Staying) Involved

  • Advocacy, Linux Advocacy mini-HOWTO

    Updated: May 2000. Suggestions for how the Linux community can effectively advocate the use of Linux.

  • Commercial-Port-Advocacy, Commercial Port Advocacy mini-HOWTO

    Updated: Dec 1999. Discusses methods that can be used to approach commercial software companies to convince them to port their programs to Linux.

  • Linux Consultants HOWTO

    A listing of companies providing commercial Linux related support.

    Replaced by the Linux Consultants Guide.

  • Encourage-Women-Linux-HOWTO, HOWTO Encourage Women in Linux

    Updated: Oct 2002. Explains some of the difficulties and biases women face in the Linux community and examines various strategies for addressing those difficulties in order to encourage more participation by women.

  • Event-HOWTO, Event HOWTO

    Updated: Nov 2000. The purpose of this document is to show you how to create good presentations for almost any sort of Linux event.

  • Installfest-HOWTO, Linux Installfest HOWTO

    Updated: Jan 2012. Provides some guidelines that should help you run a successful installfest.

  • META-FAQ, Linux Meta-FAQ

    Updated: Oct 1997. Mainly a list of valuable sources of information for Linux. Use these sources if you want to learn more about Linux, or have problems and need help.

  • Online-Troubleshooting-HOWTO, Online Troubleshooting Resources HOWTO

    Updated: May 2006. Directs Linux users to resources available on the Internet that provide access to a vast amount of Linux-related information useful in troubleshooting problems.

  • Reading-List-HOWTO, The Linux Reading List HOWTO

    Updated: Feb 2004. Lists the books the author thinks are most valuable to a person trying to learn Unix (especially Linux) top to bottom.

  • Update, The Staying Updated mini-HOWTO

    Updated: May 2002. How to stay updated and abreast of the development that takes place in the Linux world of development.

  • User-Group-HOWTO, Linux User Group HOWTO

    Updated: Jul 2013. A guide to founding, maintaining, and growing a Linux User Group.


    Updated: Aug 1999. Contains a listing of service companies which do not manufacture hardware or create packaged software, but add value to existing products.

4.8.3. Hobbies and Special Interests

  • Accessibility-HOWTO, Linux Accessibility HOWTO

    Updated: Jun 2002. Covers the use of adaptive technologies that are available for Linux.

  • Accessibility-Dev-HOWTO, How to Develop Accessible Linux Applications

    Updated: May 2002. Provides Linux software developers with guidelines and test cases for developing accessible Linux applications.

  • Astronomy-HOWTO, Linux Astronomy HOWTO

    Updated: Apr 2007. Document shares tips and resources to utilize Linux solutions in the pursuit of Astronomy.

  • Aviation-HOWTO, GNU/Linux Aviation HOWTO: Flying with GNU/Linux

    Updated: Sep 2006. Intended to provide pointers to software packages that run under GNU/Linux and are usefull to pilots (private, commercial or military), airlines, airports or any actors in the aeronautical domain.

  • AX25-HOWTO, Linux Amateur Radio AX.25 HOWTO

    Updated: Sep 2001. How to install and configure support for the AX. 25 packet radio protocol utilized by Amateur Radio Operators worldwide.

  • Coffee, Coffee Making

    Updated: Aug 2004. Yes, Linux DOES make coffee, and it tastes good.

  • Ecology-HOWTO, Linux Ecology HOWTO

    Updated: Aug 2009. Discusses ways to make computers less harmful to our environment and to solve some ecological issues. It explains how to use Linux to save power and consumables like paper and ink. Since it does not require big hardware, Linux may be used with old computers to make their life cycle longer. Games may be used in environmental education and software is available to simulate ecological processes.

  • FBB, FBB Packet-radio BBS mini-HOWTO

    Updated: Jul 2010. Covers the installation and use of the most popular amateur packet-radio BBS software FBB.

  • Home-Electrical-Control, Home Electrical Device Control mini HOWTO

    Updated: Feb 2003. Use Linux to control your home electrical devices.

  • Medicine-HOWTO, Linux Medicine-HOWTO

    Updated: Mar 2004. Some pointers to Linux software (mostly GPLed) for the medical sciences.

  • Netrom-Node, Netrom-Node mini-Howto

    Updated: Oct 1998. How to setup the ax25-utilities package for Amateur Radio such that it makes Netrom Nodes for the Node program and the BBS software from John-Paul Roubelat, F6FBB.

  • Scientific-Computing-with-GNU-Linux, Scientific Computing with Free GNU/Linux Software HOWTO

    Updated: Oct 2004. Aims to show how a PC running GNU/Linux can be used for scientific computing. It lists the various available free software and also links on the world wide web to tutorials on getting started with the tools.

  • Wearable-HOWTO, Wearable HOWTO

    Updated: Nov 2000. Nomadism is one of the major trends of our society, now most of the people can work with a laptop computer, but few did the next step: to live, or if you prefer to wear one computer - that is a wearable.