Other (human) Languages

4.7. Other (human) Languages

Topics covered in this section include:

Section 4.7.1 Language Support
Section 4.7.2 Using Specific Languages

4.7.1. Language Support

  • Unicode-HOWTO, The Unicode HOWTO

    Updated: Jan 2001. How to change your Linux system so it uses UTF-8 as text encoding.

4.7.2. Using Specific Languages

  • Belarusian-HOWTO, Linux Belarusian mini-HOWTO

    Updated: Feb 2001. Short guide in setting up Belarusian language support in Linux console, X Window System, web-browsers, text editors, etc. Charsets described are windows-1251, iso-8859-5 and koi8-ru. Written in English.

  • Belgian-HOWTO, The Belgian HOWTO

    Updated: Feb 2003. How to tweak Linux for Belgian users; lists Linux user groups, businesses and other resources in Belgium.

  • Bangla-HOWTO, Bengali in GNU/Linux HOWTO

    Updated: Oct 2003. A document to setup and develop support for Bengali (Bangla) in GNU/Linux.

  • Chinese-HOWTO, Chinese HOWTO

    Updated: Jun 1998. Demonstrates how to implement Chinese on Linux system, including those common problems encountered while using Chinese, the ways to obtain, and shows how to install and setup a variety of different Chinese software.

  • Danish-HOWTO, The Linux Danish/International HOWTO

    Updated: Mar 2000. How to configure Linux and various Linux applications for Danish locale standards such as keyboard, font, paper-size etc.

  • Esperanto-HOWTO, Linux-Esperanto-HOWTO

    Updated: Aug 1999.

  • Finnish-HOWTO, Finnish HOWTO

    Updated: Jan 2005. Describes how to localize GNU/Linux for Finnish users (written in Finnish).

  • Francophones-HOWTO, Le Francophones-HOWTO : Linux & la langue franšaise

    Updated: Dec 2001.

  • German-HOWTO, German HOWTO

    Updated: Dec 2001. Addresses Linux localization issues specific to German users (written in German).

  • Hebrew-HOWTO, The Hebrew HOWTO

    Updated: Sep 1995. How to configure your Linux machine to use Hebrew characters on X-Windows and Virtual Consoles.

  • Hellenic-HOWTO, Hellenic HOWTO

    Updated: Aug 1997. Addresses Linux localization issues specific to Greek users (written in Hellenic).

  • Indic-Fonts-HOWTO, The Indic Fonts HOWTO

    Updated: Jan 2002. A detailed guide on how to install and use Indic scripts (devanagri etc.) using UTF-8 encoding under GNU/Linux.

  • Italian-HOWTO, Linux Italian HOWTO

    Updated: Nov 2004. Addresses Linux localization issues specific to Italian users (written in Italian).

  • Latvian-HOWTO, Latvian HOWTO

    Updated: Jun 2002. Describes GNU/Linux localization issues specific for Latvian users (written in Latvian).

  • Portuguese-HOWTO, Portuguese HOWTO

    Updated: Dec 1999. Addresses Linux localization issues specific to Portuguese users (written in Portuguese).

  • Serbian-HOWTO, Serbian HOWTO

    Updated: Nov 1998. Addresses Linux localization issues specific to Serbian users (written in Serbian).

  • Slovak-HOWTO, Slovak HOWTO

    Updated: Feb 2002. Addresses Linux localization issues specific to Slovakian users (written in Slovak).

  • Slovenian-HOWTO, Slovenian HOWTO

    Updated: Feb 1999. Addresses Linux localization issues specific to Slovenian users (written in Slovenian).

  • Spanish-HOWTO, Spanish Linux HOWTO

    Updated: Aug 1996. Contains information on Linux in the Spanish environment, for developing software with Spanish support or how to get in touch with the Linux community in Spain (written in Spanish).

  • Tamil-Linux-HOWTO, Tamil Linux HOWTO

    Updated: Feb 2003. Helps you to set up a working Tamil Linux environment. It describes setting up fonts, keyboard drivers, editing and printing Tamil/bilingual documents, and working with the X Window system.

  • Thai-HOWTO, The Linux Thai HOWTO

    Updated: Aug 1998. How to use Thai language with Linux. This will cover setting Thai fonts, Thai keyboard and some Thai applications.

  • Turkish-HOWTO, Turkish HOWTO

    Updated: Sep 1999. Addresses Linux localization issues specific to Turkish users (written in Turkish).