The GNU Privacy Guard has been created by the GnuPG team:

Matthew Skala, Michael Roth, Niklas Hernaeus, Rémi Guyomarch, Werner Koch.

Official translators are:

Janusz A. Urbanowicz, Marco d'Itri, Thiago Jung Bauermann, Urko Lusa, Walter Koch.

Mike Ashley has worked on the GNU Privacy Handbook.

The following people helped greatly by suggesting improvements, testing, fixing bugs, providing resources and doing other important tasks:

Allan Clark, Anand Kumria, Ariel T Glenn, Bodo Moeller, Brenno de Winter, Brian Moore, Brian Warner, Bryan Fullerton, Caskey L. Dickson, Cees van de Griend, Charles Levert, Christian Recktenwald, Christian von Roques, Christopher Oliver, Daniel Eisenbud, Daniel Koenig, David Ellement, Detlef Lannert, Dirk Lattermann, Ed Boraas, Enzo Michelangeli, Ernst Molitor, Fabio Coatti, Felix von Leitner, Florian Pose, Frank Heckenbach, Frank Stajano, Gaël Quéri, Geoff Keating, Gerlinde Klaes, Greg Louis, Greg Troxel, Gregory Steuck, Harald Denker, Hendrik Buschkamp, Holger Schurig, Hugh Daniel, Ian McKellar, J Horacio MG, James Troup, Janusz A. Urbanowicz, Jean-loup Gailly, Jens Bachem, Joachim Backes, John A. Martin, Johnny Teveßen, Jun Kuriyama, Jörg Schilling, Karl Fogel, Karsten Thygesen, Katsuhiro Kondou, Kazu Yamamoto, Lars Kellogg-Stedman, Marco d'Itri, Mark Elbrecht, Mark Adler, Markus Friedl, Martin Schulte, Martin Hamilton, Martin Kahlert, Matthew Skala, Max Valianskiy, Michael Fischer v. Mollard, Michael Roth, Michael Sobolev, N J Doye, NIIBE Yutaka, Nicolas Graner, Niklas Hernaeus, Nimrod Zimerman, Oliver Haakert, Oskari Jääskeläinen, Paul D. Smith, Peter Gutmann, Philippe Laliberte, QingLong, Ralph Gillen, Rat, Reinhard Wobst, Reuben Sumner, Roland Rosenfeld, Ross Golder, Rémi Guyomarch, SL Baur, Serge Munhoven, Stefan Karrmann, Stefan Keller, Steffen Ullrich, Steffen Zahn, Steven Bakker, Susanne Schultz, Thiago Jung Bauermann, Thomas Roessler, Thomas Mikkelsen, Tom Spindler, Tom Zerucha, Tomas Fasth, Ulf Möller, Urko Lusa, Walter Koch, Wim Vandeputte.

This software has been made possible by the previous work of:

Chris Wedgwood, Jean-loup Gailly, Jon Callas, Mark Adler, Martin Hellmann Paul Kendall, Peter Gutmann, Philip A. Nelson, Philip R. Zimmermann, Taher Elgamal, Torbjorn Granlund, Whitfield Diffie.

Not to forget some (unknown) NSA mathematicians and all the folks who have worked hard to create complete and free operating systems.

The site has been made possible thanks to:

Cristian Rigamonti, David Barkatz, Deneb, Jean-François Paris, Lorenzo Cappelletti, Michael Nahrath, Noel D. Torres Taño, Pauliuc George, Werner Koch.

Many people helped with donations to keep the GnuPG running. See our list of donors of those who did not want to remain anonymous.

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