2. Introduction

2.2. About this tutorial

Because Emacs and Emacspeak are unlike any environments you may have used before, it helps to know a little bit about how they work. This tutorial assumes that you have either used and are familiar with Emacs and Emacspeak or that you have completed some of the Emacs and Emacspeak tutorials. For a list of recommended tutorials, please refer to Getting started.

This tutorial is organized by task and sub-task. For example, the Internet section contains sub-sections on browsing the Internet, using email, chatting online, and other tasks. The File Manipulation section contains information on downloading and installing files, finding files, etc. For a complete listing of the available tasks, refer to the table of contents.

Within this tutorial, you will find references to a number of Emacspeak-enabled applications, some that are included within the Emacs application, and some that are add-ons and must be downloaded. Please note that the applications listed in this tutorial should not be considered a complete collection of applications but only a small subset. The complete list of Emacspeak-enabled applications is available at http://emacspeak.sourceforge.net/applications.html.