Appendix B. Acknowledgments

B. Acknowledgments

We would like to thank the following people and organizations for their contributions to the Linux From Scratch Project.

  • Gerard Beekmans <gerard AT linuxfromscratch D0T org> – LFS Creator, LFS Project Leader

  • Matthew Burgess <matthew AT linuxfromscratch D0T org> – LFS Project Leader, LFS Technical Writer/Editor, LFS Release Manager

  • Archaic <archaic AT linuxfromscratch D0T org> – LFS Technical Writer/Editor, HLFS Project Leader, BLFS Editor, Hints and Patches Project Maintainer

  • Nathan Coulson <nathan AT linuxfromscratch D0T org> – LFS-Bootscripts Maintainer

  • Bruce Dubbs <bdubbs AT linuxfromscratch D0T org> – BLFS Project Leader

  • Manuel Canales Esparcia <manuel AT linuxfromscratch D0T org> – LFS/BLFS/HLFS XML and XSL Maintainer

  • Jim Gifford <jim AT linuxfromscratch D0T org> – LFS Technical Writer, Patches Project Leader

  • Jeremy Huntwork <jhuntwork AT linuxfromscratch D0T org> – LFS Technical Writer, LFS LiveCD Maintainer, ALFS Project Leader

  • Anderson Lizardo <lizardo AT linuxfromscratch D0T org> – Website Backend-Scripts Maintainer

  • Ryan Oliver <ryan AT linuxfromscratch D0T org> – LFS Toolchain Maintainer

  • James Robertson <jwrober AT linuxfromscratch D0T org> – Bugzilla Maintainer

  • Tushar Teredesai <tushar AT linuxfromscratch D0T org> – BLFS Book Editor, Hints and Patches Project Leader

  • Countless other people on the various LFS and BLFS mailing lists who helped make this book possible by giving their suggestions, testing the book, and submitting bug reports, instructions, and their experiences with installing various packages.


  • Manuel Canales Esparcia <macana AT lfs-es D0T com> – Spanish LFS translation project

  • Johan Lenglet <johan AT linuxfromscratch D0T org> – French LFS translation project

  • Anderson Lizardo <lizardo AT linuxfromscratch D0T org> – Portuguese LFS translation project

  • Thomas Reitelbach <tr AT erdfunkstelle D0T de> – German LFS translation project

Mirror Maintainers

North American Mirrors

  • Scott Kveton <scott AT osuosl D0T org> – lfs.oregonstate.edu mirror

  • Mikhail Pastukhov <miha AT xuy D0T biz> – lfs.130th.net mirror

  • William Astle <lost AT l-w D0T net> – ca.linuxfromscratch.org mirror

  • Jeremy Polen <jpolen AT rackspace D0T com> – us2.linuxfromscratch.org mirror

  • Tim Jackson <tim AT idge D0T net> – linuxfromscratch.idge.net mirror

  • Jeremy Utley <jeremy AT linux-phreak D0T net> – lfs.linux-phreak.net mirror

South American Mirrors

European Mirrors

  • Barna Koczka <barna AT siker D0T hu> – hu.linuxfromscratch.org mirror

  • UK Mirror Service – linuxfromscratch.mirror.ac.uk mirror

  • Martin Voss <Martin D0T Voss AT ada D0T de> – lfs.linux-matrix.net mirror

  • Guido Passet <guido AT primerelay D0T net> – nl.linuxfromscratch.org mirror

  • Bastiaan Jacques <baafie AT planet D0T nl> – lfs.pagefault.net mirror

  • Roel Neefs <lfs-mirror AT linuxfromscratch D0T rave D0T org> – linuxfromscratch.rave.org mirror

  • Justin Knierim <justin AT jrknierim D0T de> – www.lfs-matrix.de mirror

  • Stephan Brendel <stevie AT stevie20 D0T de> – lfs.netservice-neuss.de mirror

  • Antonin Sprinzl <Antonin D0T Sprinzl AT tuwien D0T ac D0T at> – at.linuxfromscratch.org mirror

  • Fredrik Danerklint <fredan-lfs AT fredan D0T org> – se.linuxfromscratch.org mirror

  • Parisian sysadmins <archive AT doc D0T cs D0T univ-paris8 D0T fr> – www2.fr.linuxfromscratch.org mirror

  • Alexander Velin <velin AT zadnik D0T org> – bg.linuxfromscratch.org mirror

  • Dirk Webster <dirk AT securewebservices D0T co D0T uk> – lfs.securewebservices.co.uk mirror

  • Thomas Skyt <thomas AT sofagang D0T dk> – dk.linuxfromscratch.org mirror

  • Simon Nicoll <sime AT dot-sime D0T com> – uk.linuxfromscratch.org mirror

Asian Mirrors

  • Pui Yong <pyng AT spam D0T averse D0T net> – sg.linuxfromscratch.org mirror

  • Stuart Harris <stuart AT althalus D0T me D0T uk> – lfs.mirror.intermedia.com.sg mirror

Australian Mirrors

  • Jason Andrade <jason AT dstc D0T edu D0T au> – au.linuxfromscratch.org mirror

Former Project Team Members

  • Christine Barczak <theladyskye AT linuxfromscratch D0T org> – LFS Book Editor

  • Timothy Bauscher

  • Robert Briggs

  • Ian Chilton

  • Jeroen Coumans <jeroen AT linuxfromscratch D0T org> – Website Developer, FAQ Maintainer

  • Alex Groenewoud – LFS Technical Writer

  • Marc Heerdink

  • Mark Hymers

  • Seth W. Klein – FAQ maintainer

  • Nicholas Leippe <nicholas AT linuxfromscratch D0T org> – Wiki Maintainer

  • Simon Perreault

  • Scot Mc Pherson <scot AT linuxfromscratch D0T org> – LFS NNTP Gateway Maintainer

  • Alexander Patrakov <semzx AT newmail D0T ru> – LFS Technical Writer

  • Greg Schafer <gschafer AT zip D0T com D0T au> – LFS Technical Writer

  • Jesse Tie-Ten-Quee – LFS Technical Writer

  • Jeremy Utley <jeremy AT linuxfromscratch D0T org> – LFS Technical Writer, Bugzilla Maintainer, LFS-Bootscripts Maintainer

  • Zack Winkles <zwinkles AT gmail D0T com> – LFS Technical Writer

A very special thank you to our donators

  • Dean Benson <dean AT vipersoft D0T co D0T uk> for several monetary contributions

  • Hagen Herrschaft <hrx AT hrxnet D0T de> for donating a 2.2 GHz P4 system, now running under the name of Lorien

  • VA Software who, on behalf of Linux.com, donated a VA Linux 420 (former StartX SP2) workstation

  • Mark Stone for donating Belgarath, the linuxfromscratch.org server